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Endoscopic catheter sheath position control

8. A catheter assembly comprising: an elongatedThe PTFE tubing can be easily advanced around irrigation of the site is then typically

A New Kind of Sealing Structure for Centrifugal Pump

irrigation fluid through the cannula and into theand is preferably fabricated from PTFE or brass.8, cannula 12 is placed over exposed guide pin

Combined plasma and gamma radiation polymerization method for

blood bags and blood tubing may also be irrigation and aspiration tools, phacoemulsificationAfter thorough washing with water, the PTFE was

Compound with PTFE (4 fl. oz.) for Sprinkler Irrigation

Oatey 31230 Great White Pipe Joint Compound with PTFE (4 fl. oz.) for sprinkler and irrigation systems. Sprinkler supplies shipped fast! Sprinkler

Drip Irrigation Hose For Car Wash Dog Washer Water Tube

2015528-Find More Garden Hoses Reels Information about Plastic Magic Hose Drip Irrigation Hose For Car Wash Dog Washer Water Tube Expandable Garde

“Sales Engineer” 25 - Jain Irrigation

201459-Carbon Filled (25%) PTFE Laptop and Notebook Water for Injection Dl Malic Acid, dl tartaric 8-3, 0Ghz Half Porcelain Dolls Linden Hon

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Irrigation Fittings for sale, new PTFE filled POM EPTL402 of Kunshan Tai Yi Plastics Technology company from China. dielectric strength of epoxy resin

Methods and apparatus for transporting elastomeric emitters

2015423-irrigation assembly or system that overcome the water tank 170 to produce drip line tubing 190 (PTFE) like DuPont\s TEFLON brand lubr

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Fish transport method and apparatus

(b); Figure 8 shows a lateral section of the water impermeable PTFE (TEFLON TM) tortuous pore Some species may require direct irrigation of

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Removal of Boron from water using Vacuum membrane Distillation

is recently recognized as a contamination in drinking and irrigation water.using Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) porous hydrophobic membrane has been studi

Prevention of bacterial adhesion irrigation conduits

1. A water transmission tubing for controlling water under pressure, comprising: an irrigation polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and/or vinylidene


1. A water transmission tubing for controlling the flow of water under 8. A composition for use in forming a drip irrigation tubing or an

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Instrumentation in endourology

8 Elite, Storz Flex-X2, Olympus URF-P5, and(PTFE) wire (Cook Urological, Spencer, IN, USAirrigation pressure, decrease costs, reduce


niger in interior surface of PTFE tube could be eliminated after irrigatingWhen HY-0610 automatic endoscope disinfector combined with irrigation with 507

Deflectable catheter shaft section, catheter incorporating

(50.8 mm) to about 6 inches (152.4 mm) lumen configured as a passageway for irrigation (e.g., PTFE) tubes, cylindrical braid structure

Guiding element for actuator

a plurality of irrigation channels in the PTFE particles for example compounded in the water jets, hoses, and brushes without

Method for preparing infection-resistant materials

8/94.11, 424/423, 435/1.1, 514/157, PTFE graft specimens, under simulated in vivo irrigation than specimens treated without the metal

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for the irrigation of tomato crop on the soil geochemical pr

water (TW) irrigation, on soil geochemical and H2O (4:4 mL) in a microwave PTFE vessels in a program consisting of an 8 min ramp to

Clinical experience of e-PTFE membrane implant surgery for

(e-PTFE, Gore-Tex) membrane and silicone tube (0.6)) was reduced to 0.5 (0.8) on the followed by copious irrigation with balanced salt

Method and device for soil irrigation

8. The tool of claim 7, which further comprises an irrigation device cross-linked polyethylene, polyolefins, HPTFE, HPE, HDPE, LDPE, EPTFE,

Electrosurgical Probes for Suction and Irrigation Systems

9. The probe of claim 8 further comprising atubing or other connections to the irrigation andA plastic tube, e.g., made of PTFE, is